Impressionist Painting

Morning Light at Laguna Beach - Oil

"Morning Light, Laguna Beach"

10" x 20" oil on canvas

Painted en plein air at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, California.


"Anything under the sun is beautiful if you have the is the seeing of the things that makes it so."Monet to Geffroy, Giverney, 7 June 1912

"The job of an artist is to see with all our senses. With our eyes we view the color, light and composition. Feeling the air and the wind or the salt spray. Smelling the air and its fragrance. Most importantly, with our soul we feel the sense of a thing or place. To stop and spend time soaking it all up. Taking in the small and the large in one breath.".......from a recent article written by Jen Hess, click here to read it.